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Savini Art Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of good quality, original and natural handicraft by collecting and showcasing uniquely crafted collectors' wood carvings. At Savini, each piece of work is painstakingly created over months of meticulous labors and processes, from the selection of material to the finishing touch. These carvings are an embodiment of the creativity and ideas of master craftsmen and the perfect union of nature and art. They are ingenious and unique without any replicas and are ideal for collection or gift.

Our selection of material for wood carvings is always emphasizes on the finest quality which are teakwood or even better teakwood roots.

Teak Wood (Tectona grandis L.F. ) is a tropical tree species generally grows in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Known as the King of Woods, teak wood is the most well-known highly valued wood in the world. It is the optimal material for making ships, buildings, furniture, floorings, cabins, bridges, jetties, interiors, and others. Due to its fine wood fibers, it is ideal for creating exquisite carvings and polishing. As it is extremely strong and durable, it can last for years and be passed down from generation to generation!

Benefits of teak wood

It is a precious wood as it takes at least 100 years for a teak wood tree to grow to maturity.
It is durable with excellent texture and weather-resistant properties which are visible when teak wood furniture is used for several decades as it is still elegant and durable as ever.
It has minimum expansion and shrinkage among all wood types. It can withstand sunlight in a maritime environment and does not shrink despite constant exposure to winds, heat, rains or sea water, displaying strong water-resistant and fire-resistant properties.
It has high density and does not distort, rot or crack under extreme conditions. Teak wood has insignificant crack changes and remarkable toughness and stability, making it the only wood used as a building material for ships and outdoor. It was used to build the deck of the ill-fated Titanic, floorings of century-old churches, boats of the armada led by Zheng He during his voyages to the South Seas, and modern yachts of billionaires.
Teak wood has fine and elegant grains, lines and oil spots. The lines are distributed vertically, and the more and the finer the lines, the higher the oil contents and better the quality. The elegant lines and colourful oil shades form the attractive texture.
It has beautiful and elegant colours. The golden colour of the planed surface of teak wood is formed due to oxidation by photosynthesis and is increasingly beautiful over time.

Teak wood is rich in natural oils which help maintain its shine while its slight woody fragrance acts as a natural pest repellent. The natural oils produced by teak wood will not diminish but instead keep your furniture as lustrous as ever.
It has excellent drying properties and excellent adhesiveness with glues, paints or wax, nail-holding and integrated properties, making it a widely recognized and used valuable wood material.

Advantages of Root Carving

Tree roots used for carving have been submerged or buried in water, mud or earth for hundreds of years, and some have even carbonized and become as solid as fossils with excellent wood properties. The older the roots the harder they are. The roots do not crack or deform easily and usually manifest a wide spectrum of peculiar and amazing shapes. Root carving is an art of discovery of the natural beauty and human creativity by exploiting and combining the inherent qualities of the wood such as branches, roots, holes, nodes, scars, grains, colours, and shapes with aesthetic imagination and superb craftsmanship to create works of art, such as statues, animals and plants, and objects.

During the carving process, craftsmen are required to have a keen aesthetic vision and excellent craftsmanship by taking full advantage of the natural attributes of the material so as to perfectly blend the peculiarity of natural beauty with artificial beauty. As a result, every piece of root carving is unique, vivid and has excellent collection value.

Care of wood carvings

1) Avoid direct sunlight on wood carvings as strong light will cause fading, melting of surface wax film, aging and flaking of paint film or even cracks.

2) Avoid keeping wood carvings at dim and damped places as high humidity can easily lead to mold growth, pest infestation, decay and holes.

3) Avoid contact with corrosive substances which may cause chemical reactions and damage the protective film and cause surface peeling of wood carvings.

4) Wood carvings generally should not be washed or soaked in water.

5) Place wood carvings at a well-ventilated location with no extreme temperature changes.

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